Yasumi Akiyama - Maui


English, Japanese & Mandarin

Yasumi Akiyama was born in Nagoya and grew up in Kanagawa in Japan through till high school.

After graduating from the International College of Tourism, she worked for the Nagoya Hilton Hotel and was recognized as the 'Smile of the Month' at the hotel. After leaving the hotel, Yasumi went to Australia for a working holiday, and later attended the Griffith University. She also traveled around Australia and even worked as a farmer in Tasmania.

Later she went back to Japan working for a cellphone store and sold many cell phones to first time users. After leaving, Yasumi went to Beijing, China to learn Chinese Mandarin at the Beijing Language & Culture University. She later worked for a company selling language learning aids and courses and became one of the top sales associates which led her to work abroad in Hawaii.

Later she moved to Maui, married and had two children. She started to work in Maui at a souvenir shop in 2007, first in sales and later as a supervisor.

Over the years, Yasumi gained valuable experience dealing with customers and introducing them to the Hawaiian lifestyle, which led her to a career in real estate. Ten years later, Yasumi is now working with Hawaii 50 Properties as their Maui agent and is excited to help clients find their next home in this beautiful island.